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Up for Legal battle!
Legal battles aren’t easy!
And Leagas Law Associates (Advocates & Consultants) are experts at it.
We value people and support them in a manner that enables them to achieve their long term potential. Directionless legal battles can drain people, firms and other entities not only psychologically and financially but also impact them and their associates for life. Law is a tool of empowerment undermined to the extent that most people are ignorant of law.
We are Leagas Law Associates (Advocates & Consultants)!
A new generational full service law firm in India specializing in Business, co-operative, and other civil laws, we deliver unmatched client satisfaction and services. We impact individuals and entities alike by our professional, strategic, dedicated, empathetic and responsive involvement with the clients. Our approach and methods are an assurance that we provide the most realistic legal solutions tailored to the needs of the client and an all-round optimistic experience. We provide value beyond the expected. Up for a legal battle? Let’s fight it together!

Ignorance of law is no excuse! And therefore we strive….to empower you “legally”.

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Leagas Law Associates


Leagas Law Associates


Leagas Law Associates


Leagas Law Associates

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